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Do you host events, classes, dinners, tours, festivals, performances, galas, fundraisers, or workshops?

Then let's work together to build a statewide community of events. 304tix.com will become the go-to site for all ticketed events in West Virginia. Ticketing with 304Tix means your events, venues, and brand get exposure to a greater audience through event listing, articles, and local promotions.

We drive exposure by marketing for you.

We've created a seamless connection between promotion, content, and ticket purchasing. Our goal is to sell more tickets, and we do that by leveraging our marketing channels and database to create awareness for your event. By utilizing 304Tix, you partner with a leading statewide West Virginia media company with the knowledge and resources to create focused marketing efforts.

We are local.

We live local and so do you.

Keep revenue in West Virginia.

We match any existing ticketing platform in functionality. It doesn't cost event holders a dime. Money raised by selling tickets is deposited directly into event holder's accounts. The difference? The transaction fees and sales taxes are invested back into the state.

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